Best Day of the Week to Shop at Your Favorite Websites…and Save Money

The Best Days of the Week to Shop at Popular Online Sites

There’s a best day of the week for buying just about anything, as well as for shopping at brick-and-mortar stores. When shopping online, you can also score great deals by timing your shopping appropriately with the help of this chart.

Best Days to Shop

Sunday: (Coupons)

Michaels always releases new in-store and online coupons on Sunday mornings and they tend to be valid for 4-5 days. So if you’re shopping on their website, and you can’t find a coupon, you’re probably shopping on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Wait until Sunday and score a fresh coupon offer.

Office Depot/ (Coupons)

I was told by an Office Depot employee that shopping on their website on Sunday is a great way to take advantage of new clearance items in their Deal Center. She also said the same goes for Office Max as both companies merged into one last year. As for their online coupons, they tend to come out on Sunday and Monday of each week.


Abe (Coupons)

If you’re not familiar with Abe Books, they sell books and textbooks via 1,000+ individual booksellers from around the world. I’ve been tracking them for a few months and noticed a pattern of Abe’s adding new coupons and deals on Monday of every week to this page. Every Monday they add the new individual bookseller that offer limited time promotions. They break it up by the percent off each seller offers, which varies from 10% off all the way up to 50% off.

Barnes & (Coupons)

Not sure if it’s a book thing, but Monday is also the best day of the week to shop at Barnes & The majority of their coupons are released on Sunday night/Monday morning and they typically only last a couple days so you’ll want to shop early in the week to maximize your savings. (Coupons)

Staples releases the majority of their coupons and deals on Mondays along with loading up their online clearance sectionwith new deals. Wait until Monday morning, if you can, and you’re bound to save a little money on your online purchase.

Tuesday: (Coupons)

If you can shop at the website on a Tuesday you’re guaranteed to shop with a killer coupon code. According to our database data, over 50% of their released coupons come out on a Tuesday. This included offers for up to 40% off your entire online order.

Lands’ (Coupons)

I tracked online coupon release dates at Lands’ End over the past six months and Tuesday is the day to shop. Both in terms of site-wide savings, and deals added within specific clothing categories, Tuesday is the day to shop their website to ensure you shop with a coupon as over 40% of new offers come out. Thursday is a close second as they try to take advantage of weekend shoppers.


Banana (Coupons)

Not only does the Banana Republic website get new items added to their “Sale” category on Wednesday mornings, but they often unleash new coupons on the same day. So you’ll get first dibs on new items and be more likely to find your size, plus you’ll be able to shop with a coupon code.

Children’s (Coupons)

If you’re a loyal shopper of the Children’s Place website, you need to start your shopping on a Wednesday. We get 65% of our new coupons for them Tuesday night for a Wednesday live date. Be sure to look for the rare 50% off coupon + free shipping which typically comes out the middle Wednesday of the month.

Home (Coupons)

The marketing team at always sends us new deals and coupons on a Wednesday morning. The coupons typically last a few days and the deals are typically good through the weekend for things like appliances, outdoor patio furniture, flooring, and lighting.


Old (Coupons)

New Old Navy coupon codes are most often found on a Thursday morning and run through the weekend until Sunday night. Look for anything above 15% off; but 30% or 40% off coupons are fairly common.

Ann (Coupons)

Ann Taylor is known for some pretty crazy coupon codes, like in the 40% to 50% off range. They almost always come out on a Thursday and last through the weekend. Just be careful of them jacking up all of their prices right before releasing a new coupon. If you can combine a site-wide sale with a Thursday released coupon you can really save a chunk of change.

Macy’ (Coupons)

If you shop regularly at, you’ll want to try shopping on a Thursday as that’s when they typically release their weekly coupons. Their coupons will then usually be good through Sunday. So while you don’t have to necessarily shop on a Thursday, be sure not to shop online Monday – Wednesday. (Coupons)

Thursday is the day to shop for your furry pal at We get over 50% of our Petsmart coupons on a Wednesday afternoon for a Thursday release. Coupons typically last just a couple days, so if you’re shopping early in the week, you’ll definitely want to wait until Thursday at the earliest.

American Eagle (Coupons)

When American Eagle releases a new coupon code, it’s almost always on a Thursday. The coupon typically last through Sunday, and is sometimes extended through Monday. Look for 20% off coupon codes and the rare 40% off coupon plus free shipping that usually comes out on long holiday weekends.

Sports (Coupons)

When it comes to shopping on the Sports Authority website, the one word to remember is Thursday. That is when they’re most likely to give us a coupon to use on your online shopping. Their coupons often only last for only a day or two, so be sure to shop on a Thursday (or Friday) for your best chance to snag one.


Best (Coupons)

Every Friday we get an email directly from the folks at Best Buy, letting us know about new coupon codes as well as new deals. The coupons are typically for 20% off small appliances or a dollar off deal on new music albums. The deals are typically category specific and usually involve savings on HDTV’s, laptops, and appliances.

Kohl’ (Coupons)

In an attempt to entice weekend shoppers, Kohl’s often releases new coupon codes on Friday mornings and they last through the weekend. Here at Rather-Be-Shopping, over 60% of the new Kohl’s coupon codes we receive come in on a Friday. If you can wait and do your shopping over the weekend, you’ll definitely save some money.


Cost Plus World (Coupons)

Whether it’s an extension of a current coupon, or a new 25% off code, Saturday is a great day to shop on the Cost Plus website. We usually get new coupons on a Friday to post over the weekend and they also load up their clearance sectionwith new deals on Saturday as well. (Coupons)

The ideal shopping day suggestions come from Rather Be Shopping. Kyle James tracked online retailers over several months to find patterns in when they release online coupons, mark down items, and add new items to their clearance section.

On Wednesday mornings, Banana Republic adds new items to their sale category and they often release new coupons the same day. On Fridays, Kohl’s releases new coupon codes good through the weekend (over 60% of new coupon codes come in on a Friday for that site).

Although the coupon codes last for at least a couple of days, in most cases, for these sites—so you don’t have to shop only on Sundays—the days when these sites add new clearance items is significant, so you can grab a discounted item before its sold out or the clearance sale is over.

Check out the descriptions for each site over at Rather Be Shopping for more details.

Best Day of the Week to Shop at Your Favorite Websites…and Save Money


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