Warning: this Social Media Specialist could Explode your business

I believe that you don’t always have to choose between having your cake and eating it, too – I can totally order you another one if you want me to. Often, the better of the two options is both. For instance, I don’t just view blogs as vehicles for SEO keywords, I also view them as potential sources of serious PR – and use them as such. I find clever solutions to problems most people don’t know exist, and my clients benefit from it.

I learn more from my successes than my failures. The road to effective digital PR campaigns is paved with trial and error, but the fact of the matter is that effective campaigns have a lot more to teach me than their counterparts that are currently languishing in some obscure corner of the Internet. Of course, I also strive to make sure that no mistake goes unnoticed – or made twice.

I think marketing is equal parts artistry and science. When a campaign results in a lot of traffic or sales, I don’t celebrate. I do what I can to figure out why it was successful, and then experiment until I am able to replicate the process.

What started out as an experiment and a dream is now a successful digital social media firm owned by Jo Weber. I am committed to working smarter andharder for my clients, because I know that’s what it takes to succeed in today’s hyper competitive marketplace.

I hold myself to ridiculously high standards. My clients demand nothing less, and I am happy to deliver.

Areas of Expertise

Free press is a lot like a free lunch: there’s no such thing. Still, my digital PR and social media services are more affordable than traditional brick-and-mortar PR houses, and I am significantly more effective than your cousin who once took a class in public relations at the local community college. There’s an argument to be made that digital PR is even more effective than advertising (it’s certainly cheaper), and several books have been written about the fall of advertising and the rise of digital PR over the last decade. It’s a trend I am excited to be a part of. If you’ve seen the results I have, you’d be excited too.

This type of digital PR exposure is better than just getting your name out there. National coverage means high-quality backlinks for your website that money can’t buy, and this can have a significant impact on where your site shows up in search engine results pages. Sometimes, a few high-quality links can make the difference between the #1 and #2 spots – and you probably already know what that means for site traffic and sales.

With my digital PR and social media services, I take a three-pronged approach to getting my clients press, and it’s what makes me a little different than everyone else.


digital pr services for website

  1. PR Opportunity Monitoring

    I have the PR tools and contacts necessary to find great opportunities for your company, and I get hundreds of requests from reporters and media outlets looking for expert sources for their stories, each and every week. You could be that expert, and I help make it happen. I also have access to the editorial calendars of major media outlets, so we can plan ahead and make sure that you have a consistent, relevant outreach to reporters and journalists.

  2. Establishing Your Company As A Thought Leader In Your Industry

    When you’re a thought leader in your industry, reporters are more likely to tap you for expert commentary and quotes. If you’re interested, this can even develop into consulting gigs, speaking engagements and book deals. Once you’ve achieved a certain amount of exposure, your clients and customers will also view you as an expert in your industry – which automatically makes them trust your advice and opinions. This leads to more sales.

  3. Creative Campaign Development

    How do you get over a dozen .edu links (including Ivy League!) to point to an adult e-tailer’s website without scamming or spamming? Ask me, because I’ve done it before –and the universities even wanted to partner again in the future. The SEO results for that campaign were nothing short of astounding, and my client was thrilled. For me, it was just another day at the office.

This type of creative campaign development is something I excel at, and it’s one of my favorite aspects of my digital social media services. From SEO link-building campaigns to securing endorsement deals, I can do it all. No matter what your business or industry is, I can figure out a way to creatively solve your PR problems and get you the kind of press and name recognition you’re looking for.

Press Releases

How do you get the media to notice what you’re doing? The first step is to send a press release.

When you order a traditional press release, you’re buying the release itself, advance email distribution to 500+ related press contacts (which gives them a 24- to 48-hour head start on the story), national distribution and follow-up with media outlets. You’ll also receive two reports that detail pickups, traffic sent to the website and notable interactions, plus a complete list of outlets that the release was distributed to.

PR Article Placement

There’s a major advantage to having a great writer at your disposal: when reporters aren’t writing about your industry, I can – and then I’ll pitch the content I create to media outlets until somebody picks it up. It’s PR 2.0, and it’s something I am pioneering with great success.

Website Design

My website design rates include concept generation, design, all copy and as many edits as necessary to get the job done. Once you’ve approved everything and the website is live, I distribute it to media contacts and bloggers in your industry and encourage them to repost it (with a link back to your site, of course). I even include an HTML repost code that makes it easier for people to share your shiny new website.

I know what I am doing when it comes to digital PR. One of my client has been interviewed by CNN and has been on live national TV talking about everything from web content writing to small businesses and the economy. If she can get quoted in Forbes, you can too.

Call 951-675-2149


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